The Right Choice is Important for Savings

The Right Choice is Important for Savings

The Right Choice is Important for Savings


İbrahim Şahintaş, Chairman of the Board of Bursa TEK Energy, which offers individual and corporate solutions in the energy sector, stated that the consumer, who uses electricity at home more in the evening hours, can save money by switching to the multi-time tariff.

Noting that electricity unit prices are determined separately for single-time and multi-time tariff groups, İbrahim Şahintaş stated that while consumers pay the same unit price for the electricity they use at any time of the day in the single-time tariff, the unit price changes according to the hours in the multi-time tariff. Stating that those who use electricity more in the evenings can save money by switching to the multi-time tariff, İbrahim Şahintaş said, “However, paying less for night consumption is only possible when an application is made to switch to the three-time tariff, and there is no change in the bills without this application. Since most of the time was spent at home during the pandemic process, an increase in electricity bills was inevitable. However, it is also possible to save money by paying attention to the hours when electricity is used. The unit prices of national electricity tariffs published by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) are published separately for one-time and three-time tariff groups. In the single-time electricity tariff, the electricity price is the same for which time of the day, while in the multi-time tariff, different unit prices are applied for different hours of the day.

İbrahim Şahintaş indicated that, while in the single-time tariff, the electricity consumption at every hour of the day is priced at 0.3927 TL/kWh, while in the three-time tariff; Daytime: Pricing 0,4004 TL/kWh between 07:00-18:00

Peak: Ask for pricing 0,6802 TL/kWh between 18:00-23:00

At night: Pricing at 23:00-07:00 0.1766 TL/kWh

“When we look at the unit prices, the three-time electricity tariff is generally preferred by houses with high night consumption and by commercial and industrial organizations that keep electricity consumption low during the hours when the energy is expensive and spread it to the cheaper hours. This system can also be used at home and save money. In order to save on electricity bills by using the three-time tariff, electrical appliances that consume high amounts of energy such as washing machines, dishwashers, irons, and water heaters should be used at night. Since peak hours (17.00-22.00) are the most expensive hours, these non-essential electrical devices should not be used during these hours.

İbrahim Şahintaş said that those who want to switch to the three-time tariff can make the following calculation in order to save money:

“If your electricity meter is an electronic meter, your electricity bill in previous periods includes daytime, peak, and nighttime electricity consumption values. If your invoice includes daytime (6.00-17.00), peak (17.00-22.00), nighttime electricity consumption (22.00-06.00), you can calculate whether you have an advantage over the one-time tariff by multiplying it with the unit prices in the electricity tariff table. If your invoice includes only the first and last index values for day, peak, and night instead of the consumption value, you can find the consumption amount by subtracting the first index value from the last index and calculate it by multiplying it with the unit prices. Only if your nighttime consumption is at least 20 percent of your total consumption and your peak consumption is at most 20 percent of your total consumption, it would be attractive to switch to the three-time tariff. If your nighttime consumption is low or your peak consumption is high, the most attractive option would be to stay on the one-time tariff.”



14 December 2020