Renewable Energy Reduced the Load on Electricity

Renewable Energy Reduced the Load on Electricity

Renewable Energy Reduced the Load on Electricity

Evaluating that the share of renewable energy in Turkey's electricity installed power exceeds 52 percent, TEK Energy Chairman of the Board İbrahim Şahintaş said, "The rapid steps taken will shelve our country's foreign dependency."


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement that the share of renewable energy sources in our electricity installed capacity has reached 52.3 percent, and that we are ranked 6th in Europe and 13th in the world with this ratio, created a wide impact. İbrahim Şahintaş, Chairman of the Board of TEK Energy, made the statement that “The bold steps taken by our country in renewable energy are about to remove the issue of foreign dependency from the agenda”.



Stating that Turkey's rapid growth in renewable energy is of vital importance for sustainable development goals, İbrahim Şahintaş, Chairman of the Board of TEK Energy, said, "On condition that our President sets the target of 66.6 million tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction in 2023 and on equal terms with countries of similar economic level, His statement that we will continue to contribute to climate action increased the motivation in the renewable energy sector. As TEK Energy, we continue our efforts and investments to help our country achieve its goal of a greener economy.”



Noting that Turkey's shining star in the global energy market motivates them every day for new investments, İbrahim Şahintaş said, "Very important progress has been made in the field of renewable energy, especially with the legal regulations implemented by our government in the last 10 years and the policies to support the investment environment. We, as TEK Energy, are also excited and proud that we will soon undertake mega projects that are not limited to Bursa, in light of these positive developments. Especially the expansion of the usage area of solar power plants day by day triggers us for new investments. In line with all these developments, we will continue our efforts to contribute more to our country's economy with new projects by increasing our investments in technology and qualified manpower.



Stating that the green agreement will become the most important agenda topic of the whole world in the post-pandemic period, Şahintaş said, “Especially EU countries, which are the biggest commercial partners of our country, will closely monitor their carbon footprint. In this process, environmentally friendly and sustainable production models will be at the forefront. Companies that take action quickly will be the winners of this process. In this context, companies that produce with renewable energy sources will be able to maintain their international competitiveness. For this reason, I invite all our companies to benefit from renewable energy sources, especially solar, which gives them a great advantage.”

23 April 2021