The New Normal in Energy: Renewable Energy

The New Normal in Energy: Renewable Energy

The New Normal in Energy: Renewable Energy

Making a statement as part of the World Renewable Energy Day, Bursa Tek Energy Chairman of the Board İbrahim Şahintaş said that a clean future is only possible with renewable energy sources.

Emphasizing that Bursa TEK Energy, the first and only company with TSE K 473 certificate in Turkey in solar power plant manufacturing and installation, continues its renewable energy investments, Chairman of the Board İbrahim Şahintaş said, “We need to be conscious for our future and switch to environmentally friendly practices.”


Noting that a series of steps have been taken to encourage and disseminate renewable energy on both the consumer and producer side, Bursa TEK Energy Chairman of the Board İbrahim Şahintaş said, “Turkey has stepped into a historic day in the renewable energy breakthrough. The first green energy certification process within the scope of the Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee System, which is a green certification project that will set an example for the world, was carried out on 21 June. We find the step taken in the green electricity certificate, which is the beginning of a new era for the Energy Market, very important for our industry. Brands with this system; will gain a significant competitive advantage compared to their competitors by demonstrating the support they give to renewable energy in its marketing and communication activities. This will encourage the use of renewable energy. We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who contributed to these breakthroughs, especially our Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.”


Emphasizing that Turkey has made a great leap forward especially in the recent period and has become a world-renowned place in renewable energy, İbrahim Şahintaş said, “While the size of renewable energy investments in Turkey exceeds 50 billion dollars, our country's installed power in solar energy is 6,450 megawatts, 620 megawatts. It has a total of 7 thousand 70 megawatts, including licensed. In this sense, we have made great progress, especially in recent years. Turkey met 12 percent of its total electricity production from wind and solar last year, outperforming the world average (9.4 percent). On the other hand, 43% of our country's electricity production in 2020 was provided from renewable resources. We rank 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in terms of renewable electricity installed capacity. We are doing our best to ensure that these good developments continue to increase. First of all, it is necessary to raise our individual awareness, to explain the importance of renewable energy to the whole society, and to encourage its use. We have the potential to further enlarge our installed capacity and become an export giant in renewable energy. Renewable energy is now the new normal of energy,” he said.


Stating that according to the 'World Energy Outlook 2020' report of the International Energy Agency, which sheds light on the next 10 years of energy markets, the global electricity demand is expected to increase by 20 percent by 2030, İbrahim Şahintaş pointed out that a significant 80 percent of this demand increase will be met by renewable energy sources. He also stated that solar energy, which is cheaper than new coal and natural gas power plant investments in many countries and has become the lowest-cost electricity source ever, is at the center of the growth in the sector. Şahintaş said, “Structural changes in energy production and consumption, permanent decrease in emissions, and therefore, our adaptation process to the Green Agreement determined by the EU will also speed up. Our speed of realizing the transformation in energy will provide very important advantages to our exporting organizations in international competition at a time when global markets are getting ready for the new normal.” said.

22 Jun 2021