What we do?

Renewable Energy Investments

Renewable Energy Investments

To meet our increasing energy needs in our country with the idea of "Utilizing Renewable Energy Sources", our company provides a service in the newly emerging form of investment with the opportunities encouraged to meet the energy needs of the country in areas with high efficiency and suitability.


With this sense, you can get the necessary support from our company in the field of:

Grounding Materials,

Power Cables for Inverter Feeds,

Medium Voltage (XLPE) Supply Cables,

DC (Solar) Cables,

MV Transformer Substations and Cells,

MV Over Current and Feeder Protection Relay,

Power Transmission Line Equipment,

Low Voltage Main Distribution Board and Capacitor Bank,

In terms of both material supply and providing the necessary project design service in a fast manner suitable for your project.


Installation of MV Transformer Plant


Lightning, Lightning Rod, and Grounding


Data Systems

Fire Security and Camera Systems

Generator System Projects

 PLC and SCADA Automation Projects

 Renewable Energy Projects



  • Before investing in renewable energy systems such as solar power, wind, and biogas, the suitability of the project is very important for the feasibility.
  • As TEK ENERJI, we provide all the necessary information as a consultancy service to our customers who plan to invest in renewable energy to make the best decision.
  • You can contact us from our website for your requests on renewable energy project designs.

Maintenance & Repair of Solar Plant

Routine Maintenance Operations

  • Preventive inspection of AC/DC systems
  • External visual inspection of PV module status
  • External visual inspection of the supporting construction
  • Visual inspection of inverters
  • Checking the general condition of cable trays and cables
  • Measurement and string voltage control of electricity based on monitoring data
  • Electrical connection control of strings, inverters, and panels
  • Reporting on the work done
  • Preventive maintenance plan

Solar Panels

  • Visual inspection of panels
  • Mechanical inspection of the connections of panels to the transmission system
  • Control of junction boxes and cables of panels
  • Making current-voltage measurements of deviation detected arrays

Carrier System

  • Visual inspection of the carrier system for damage and corrosion
  • Mechanical control of the carrier system and inspection of the panel holders
  • Elimination of shifts that may occur in the geometry of the carrier system

 DC Cabling

  • Visual inspection of DC cables
  • Inspection of DC cable conduits
  • Visual inspection of connectors


  • Visual inspection of inverters
  • Cleaning or replacement of the air filter
  • Cleaning of the inverters
  • Inspection of DC and AC cable connections
  • Current, voltage, and power control of input-output 
  • Inspection of the status of indoor fans

 AC Cabling

  • Visual inspection for possible damage
  • Inspection of electrical connection points
  • Inspection of surge protection devices
  • Inspection of circuit breaker and residual current relays

Remote Monitoring System

  • Visual inspection of remote monitoring board, monitoring equipment, and cables
  • Visual inspection of electrical meters
  • Inspection of communication system cables


  • Visual inspection of wire fences, gates, and similar infrastructure elements
  • Control and replacement of labeling and warning signs
  • Grounding
  • Checking the connection points of grounding equipment
  • Making grounding measurements
  • LV Distribution Panels
  • Visual inspection of distribution boards
  • Cleaning of distribution boards
  • Control of measuring instruments
  • Checking the function of a circuit breaker, switch, and leakage current

MV Cells and Equipment

  • Visual inspection of MV cells and equipment
  • Grounding control
  • Function check of breakers and separators
  • Checking the control system
  • Checking the mechanical lever and lock
  • Checking the fire extinguisher
  • Control of the measuring instruments
  • Cleaning of the inside of the cells
  • Checking the connection points
  • Function check of the line protection relay

Transformer and Electrical Substation

  • Visual inspection of transformer and electrical substations
  • Grounding control
  • Transformer function check
  • Checking the connection points
  • Checking the MV and LV headers
  • Control of the XLPE cables
  • Checking the Bar24 rectifier
  • Control and analysis of the transformer oil
  • Cleaning of the inside of the electrical substations
  • Mechanical fastening control of the transformer

Energy Transmission Line

  • Visual inspection of the power transmission line equipment
  • Grounding control of the power transmission line
  • Function control of the power transmission line

Inspections to be Carried out According to the Manufacturer's Instructions

  • Checking the connection points
  • Connection control of the XLPE traverse
  • Checking the MV circuit breaker

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning of the panels is carried out with lime-free water. Although it varies according to the region where the plant is built, it is sufficient to apply cleaning 2-3 times a year in general. As Tek Enerji, we provide panel maintenance and cleaning services.