What we do?

Project Design and Engineering Services

Project Design and Engineering Services

As Bursa Tek Energy, we have been providing many projects and engineering services from 2015 to today with our engineers in our company such as:

  • HV (High Voltage) projects,
  • LV (Low Voltage) projects,
  • HV (High Voltage) projects,
  • Solar power plant operating responsibilities.

HV-LV (High Voltage - Low Voltage) Energy Supply

Low voltage power distribution is a system used wherever electricity is needed. It is available as HV-LV installation in homes, workplaces, shopping malls, and all kinds of accommodation imaginable.

Since its establishment, our company has made the HV-LV electrical installations of many facilities in accordance with the regulations by ensuring that our customers use electricity without any problems.

Panel, machine supply installations, system supply installations, Low and High voltage energy transmission lines, factory power installations, heating-cooling systems, feeding controls, cable transmission system installations, Busbar system installations are made with the assurance of Bursa Tek Energy.